Office 365


Move your business into the cloud without sacrificing security and control.

What You Want
Office 365 is right for your business when you want to …

  • Make it easier for your team to communicate and share information without needing an advanced degree in MS Word or Excel
  • Use save, sync, and share files and/or peer-to-peer file sharing as your primary file service or as a key secondary file service
  • Give folks secure access to files from laptops, tablets, and smart phones
  • Keep data private and secure with active, content-sensitive, permissions monitoring and management based on policy and/or regulatory requirements
  • Protect your files from malware and user error
  • Use a robust email service that works as well from mobile devices as it does from desktops and laptops
  • Manage your time with personal calendars
  • Continue using MS Office and other desktop and network applications
  • Keep your server, for now, but may replace or remove it in the future
  • Give your team access to support so they can work more efficiently

You may also want to …

  • Create shared calendars to track vacation schedules or manage projects
  • Post a calendar of events on your web site
  • Delete data from a lost or stolen smart phone or tablet
  • Let folks use secure instant messaging to communicate
  • Begin to replace conference calls with video conferencing

Fits Your Business
Office 365 is designed for small and mid-size businesses in which:

  • Team members work at multiple locations and/or remotely, on a regular business
  • Team members regularly need to access files from smart phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Cloud-based files must be protected from malware and user error
  • Information privacy in the cloud must be as good or better than on-premise servers
  • Email is a given — a critical business tool
  • MS Office and other desktop applications are still needed and key to operations
  • Team members want or need better collaboration tools that are easier to use the MS Word and Excel
  • Windows desktop and/or network software provide line of business applications
  • The organization is ready to use cloud storage as a primary (or key secondary) means of saving and sharing files

Options and Upgrades
We offer a range of options and upgrades to meet your specific business needs, including:

  • Compliant archiving and e-discovery services to meet your regulatory or policy requirements
  • Additional or unlimited storage for your power users
  • Centralized ownership and control of cloud storage, folders, and permissions
  • Advanced management tools ideal for
  • Mid-size and larger organizations
  • Companies with seasonal staffing level changes
  • Cloud backup for laptops
  • Malware and virus protection for computers, tablets, and smart
  • Virtual desktop services for access to legacy network and windows-based applications

Office 365 Packages Include Some Or All Of These Programs