Google Vault


  • Bring insights and answers together Google+ has the perfect audience for every question or idea. Share your thoughts with a specific Community or share a question with your entire organization.
  • Filter content to find what’s most relevant to you Organize your social connections in a way that is unique to you. Filtering helps make sure you hear from those that inspire you and share with those you want to hear you.
  • Integrated into your workflow Google+ integrates perfectly with your email, calendar and docs to help you work smarter. You can filter your inbox using Circles or post a survey to get instant feedback.
  • Privacy controls keep your posts secure With enhanced privacy controls, you can pick default settings for different groups, like one for your internal teammates, and another for external vendors.
  • Photos and videos bring conversations to life Google+ is a great way to share the latest demo video, screenshot, product photo or any rich media that is relevant to your followers.
  • Share, connect, and interact on the go The Google+ app for Android and iOS lets you share on the go. Share locations, photos you’ve snapped on a business trip and have them instantly saved and ready to share.