Consulting Services


At Lipani Technologies our goal is to come in and consult with your to increase your company sales. We consult on everything from your marketing strategies, website, social media and team sales techniques and strategies we do it all for your company to help you make more money. Our consulting services help to clarify and align your organization’s sales strategy with business objectives and resources to ensure maximum sales performance. Our consultants have extensive professional sales and sales management experience, as well as an in-depth understanding of the various verticals in which they consult.

First, we directly interact with the team. Because they are so close to your customers they tend to know better than anyone what is right and wrong about your offerings, sales model and so on. Often they can even offer pieces of ideal solutions to the right sets of (very experienced) ears. Our objective position as an outside resource can motivate them to open up and share issues and ideas that might not be as readily (or clearly) communicated to company insiders (where politics and emotions like fear can suppress this crucial information). This intimacy is one key to our success in growing sales talent productivity.

Second, we do the analysis on what we learn. Is the problem or limitation actually centered in the sales team or is it something else? Product quality? New process conflicts? Fundamental changes in the marketplace? New competitor tactics? The list can be substantial but we have the experience to cut through the noise and zero in on the most tangible opportunities. You might have the most talented salespeople in the world falling short of their full potential because something else in the sales model is weak, needlessly capping what they can do.

Third, once we’ve objectively identified the core issues we can work with your team to develop solutions. If it is non-sales related, we can apply proven methodologies to develop cutting-edge recommendations. If it is a quality of leads or promotional issue, we can utilize our broad experience in marketing to help you fix those issues. If it is sales related, we can dig in deeper to better understand the cause-effect relationships and then orchestrate and/or conduct sales training that specifically reconciles the issue(s). Etc. One of our great advantages is our competencies beyond just the sales discipline. We can recognize growth opportunities within your sales department as well as all of the feeders that influence their productivity.

Forth, we look into your internet marketing and cloud based sales solutions with that changing internet and reliance on the cloud it’s important to move your company into the future for a more stable company and to increase your teams work flow better and efficient.

Six, we look at the systems your company is using software, hardware, etc and give recommendations on where technology can be updated and changed to move your team a head making them better sales people for the future.