Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook


Get social with the people you work with using Workplace by Facebook. Workplace by Facebook was developed and used internally by Facebook and was released in October 2016. Workplace by Facebook and regular Facebook are two different things. Workplace by Facebook is a tool like Microsoft Teams or LinkedIn. Which cheap affordable pricing and even a free version available let employees in your organization communicate better.

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Let our company help you get setup with Workplace by Facebook and start seeing the benefits

Change the way you work
Connect your whole organization with familiar tools, helping everyone in your business turn ideas into action.

Share with the right people
Groups help you make decisions quickly and keep your team on the same page.

Keep your data secure
Workplace is built on Facebook’s powerful systems that keep more than a billion people’s information safe. Find out about our industry-leading security.

Go live, any time
Live Video lets you broadcast to your whole business from the camera in your pocket.

Work with other companies
Multi-company groups let you collaborate with people from any other business that uses Workplace.

Up to date, so you are too
News Feed shows you the most important things across your business as they happen.

Message instantly
With Work Chat you can reach any coworker instantly with messaging, voice and video calling.

Automate everyday tasks
Bots in groups and Work Chat can help with automating alerts and taking care of repetitive tasks.

Stay connected, wherever you go
The Workplace app keeps you connected to all your conversations and notifies you about important updates and activity.

Connect with tools you already use
Workplace integrations let you share, preview and organize files.

Workplace by Facebook
Free or Premium