Microsoft OneDrive Review


Microsoft OneDrive Review

I recently purchased a Microsoft OneDrive account for backups and Office 365. An entire terabyte of storage for $6.99 a month with Office 365 I thought this was a great price when you consider Google and Dropbox is $.9.99 month for a terabyte.


The one thing I really liked about OneDrive was the iOS app. I installed it and there is an option to backup your entire picture library to the cloud and I did that simply and easily.  I am happy to have a backup of all my photo’s from my phone.

The next thing I did was I installed the OneDrive desktop application and Office 365 desktop application. I liked these features because it lets me save all my documents, music and pictures up to OneDrive easily without having to go threw a website and integrates seamlessly with Office 365.

One thing I do like is the recycle bin just because you delete something does not mean you can’t get it back. The only issue I see with this could be if users never empty it there still using their space. I think some less technical users will not know to empty the trash maybe causing Microsoft support calls.

For security reasons I like how OneDrive lists the PCs with the OneDrive client installed. I think for safety reasons this great. You can also click on the PC and click remove allowing you control of who has access to data.

I like fact you can customize the size and view in web client. I like the fact I can see Date Modified  and I can pick ascending or descending order to view my files. I like how OneDrive has a bar at bottom showing you how much space is left.


I am still not thrilled with the fact that on the desktop client there are still no placeholders. I know Microsoft said in December of 2015 there were coming and we have seen nothing yet it may still be in the works.

I found the upload speed a little slower then Google Drive. I am not saying it was slow just not as fast as Google Drive or Dropbox. I found the web client faster to upload then the desktop client for big files.

I am not overly thrilled with the sharing feature you can invite people but they have to have an outlook account which a lot of people don’t have or want. The share link feature seems to work the best from what I can tell. I think the feature would be better with social media integration.

It’s interesting that OneDrive does not integrate with OneDrive for business. I read it’s coming with the OneDrive universal app update but nothing has been released yet as of this writing

I like OneDrive I think it works well for my needs I know there are additional features Dropbox has that OneDrive does not the price is right for me and works well for me on daily basis.